San Francisco City Hall

Regulation of Navigation Centers

Co-Authored by Richie Greenberg and Larry Marso

Homelessness is threatening San Francisco. This is a tragedy, a crisis and an embarrassment. It's time to Make Navigation Work!


This ballot measure aims to:

Build navigation centers where they best serve the homeless. Stop city hall playing politics.

Open centers faster, lower cost; more centers, workable size, then close.

Higher turnover, resolve incoming cases quickly.

Hold both The City and Navigation Center residents Accountable. End fraud and abuse at City Hall, Department of Public Works, and Homeless Services, navigation center management, case workers, staff.

Require enforcement at Navigation Centers: Protect residents and neighbors by law. No possession or using of drugs or alcohol, mo weapons. Stop rape, assault, robbery, drug dealing, prostitution or lose residence, and force centers to close.



San Franciscans are outraged, and rightfully so. Hard working taxpayers and law abiding citizens are confused and frustrated. Where are the Mayor, the Supervisors and the Homeless Czar? Many believe City Hall must be held accountable for inaction and, indeed, moving in the wrong direction. Homelessness is getting worse, not better. Our cherished neighborhoods are being overrun. Our jewel of a city, falling into disrepute and disgrace. We are tired of the talk, the empty promises.

On Monday, February 10th, 2020, we submitted the proposed ballot measure "Regulations of Navigation Centers" , a nonpartisan effort, for the voters of San Francisco to decide.


Press Release on City Attorney Acceptance Feb 25, 2020

Press Release/Statement Feb 10, 2020

Reasons for this Measure

Legal Text for Measure (PDF)



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Contact Info:


Richie Greenberg
Tel: 202-975-9269

Larry Marso
Tel: 415-230-2390


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Updated June 13, 2020

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